GalleryWalks are the first event by Artwalk Istanbul, initiated in 2012. The walks compass the most lively and colorful districts of Istanbulite art scene, being Nişantaşı- Akaretler, Galatasaray-Galata, Tophane-Karaköy and Sıraselviler-Cihangir. In 3 hours time, we tour 6-8 galleries (and additionally institutions, museums on-demand and according to the exhibition program). Our participants meet, greet and have the opportunity to have a one-to-one, artful conversation with artists, curators and gallery directors on at least 3 stops. GalleryWalks also have a coffee break where the guide and the participants can both rest and have an exchange of ideas about the exhibits.

Language: Turkish and English (optionally bilingual).